Friday, June 26, 2009


Time flies!!
July is coming soon
really amazed at how quickly it went
started my college life at UCSI mostly 2 months
my new life is totally gorgeous and awesome
coz knew a lot of new friends
they've a good sense of humor
I should enjoy my life at UCSI
y not?
I paid for it what==

____________story time________________

1st day..
we both from the same primary school
same tuition center

same college
same company in the future?
who knows?=)

micky and minnie..
seriously playing..not acting..LOL

both of u have weird expression==

kar fooo and jay chew?y not jay chou

pink partner?
look at the guy..take passport photo?? stand till so straight==

minne,yenny,mei yen &kar foo


kar foo and me in the lecture hall

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he's cute
he's funny
he's kind
he's coddy wong
*clap hands*
The hyper day-0625

at college's canteen

crayon shin chan wow..LOL==

assignment time at Island Red Cafe

is me=.=


hok jiak boh?

ah wong's hairstyle..;P


his gf==

he's tall..大块衰..^^

fool at the park

after assignment time
we had a walk to the park nearby the cafe
when we stepped into the park
louis shout''ei!!那边有个胸罩叻''
but actually guess is what?==


so sweat and funny huh=='''

play time^^

look at yeng??




scroll down




this pic really freaking funny
and louis said''我妈看到会很伤心,来到kl我变gay佬了,她会要我跪在祖宗面前认错''

end my post with this pic

4 of us=)

everyone with a bright smile
coz we really had fun
thanks for the memory


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

jealous + envy

don't know why today i was so hyper for the whole day
for no reason
itu lah saya =p

today after ended my class

went to ts wait Justin yong
actually she never date me out
is me geh poh want
to meet with her
see what bear bear she want to buy for someone
i knew she miss me 1


I'm super jealous + envy lo
she bought the bear bear that's suppose belong to me 1
my lovely bear bear ar=(
sound like i booked it already= =


envy Envy
and ENVY!!
and snap snap snap


my previous job at here=)

she's captured the bear instead of me

she beat my hand just because of the fat bear

sweat= =

It's so cuteee man..:P

It's not mine=(

It's craving for my kiss..LOL

due to some reason
she couldn't bring it back home
i brought it back to my house for 2 days

i'm so kind..aku terpaksa 1 lo
don't worry
now it's sitting beside me

still fine still fat==
i couldn't guarantee how does it will be after one day
who knows right?
nothing is impossible

i also got leh
just now ur bear told me that he tak mau balik lo
he wants to stay with me
we should accept and respect his choice
friday don't come find me
I'm not free

finally i get those picture from justin
yeah yeah^^

life is great

Monday, June 22, 2009

potato man*

my dear Mr.potato
Tomorrow is ur birthday
see how good I am
sent a msg to u just now and u said i'm the 1st one to wish u
i wrote this post purposely for u-nick hong
touched your heart or not?=D
don't cry ya=)

when the clock strikes 12.00a.m
no more 19 years old for u
old already
20 years old lah
kai wan xiao ar=p
don't play play anymore

do u still remember we know each other for how long already?
is approximately 2 years and 3 months =)
even though many things had happened between us
and we both had changed a lot
u're getting old and old
i'm become mature but still pretty..LOL==

no matter how things keep changing
i just hope
we're still friend

hey man
do u remember what u said on last friday?
u said u will come k.l after couple weeks
and u said u WILL come find me
i just wait and see
see whether is it a empty promise again?= =
if u tipu aku again gigi jatuh u tau..LOL

whatever lah
even though i still have a lot of things want to write
but i know i should stop at here
wish u happy birthday
sty happy,healthy and sweet sweet with ur girl


take k always

miss ya


Sunday, June 21, 2009


this week really such a restless week for me
after stayed up late for several nights
I had deep bags and dark circles under my eyes
what the..*@&@*&*@*

yesterday finally waved my hand to algebra test
saturday also need went to college for 2 hours especially just because the test
luckily Mr.Hew fetched me to lrt station
''Mr.hew..thank you very much indeed''
this is the first time and might be the last time
as i said
i don't like to be a bother =p

tomorrow is the last paper
listen up
l.a.s.t. p.a.p.e.r

i really can't wait..
after the english test
im going to have fun
watch movie with my friend

im on the lazy mode already
so now im lazy-ing
don't feel like want to study anymore

tomorrow is coming that's means tuesday coming too
Tuesday ar ..Tuesday ar
Im waiting for u
i know i will have fun=)

*this evening jackie called me
and we spent mostly 2 hours to chitchat
still the same
really had a pleasant conversation with her^^
i miss her a lots
i know she miss me too=)
i hope she is always fine at there
3 months?
is fast okay=)
as u said
not really is 3 months just 70++ days
we're waiting to celebrate ur birthday

*daddy..ur lovely daugther micky wang kar yan love u so much..*
i love u


Friday, June 19, 2009

not just a necklace

i lost it once
the goddess of fortunate protect me=)
i found it back
i couldn't figure out how much it is precious for me
no words could ever describe the value and importance
this is not just a necklace for me


Thursday, June 18, 2009


*deep breathing*

waved my hand to moral and economic test for
temporary only !!
see u again after few weeks at final exam = =
so stress when i heard this word-FINAL EXAM
this two words are so simply powerful for me
and i guess i didn't did well for this exam
well well well
whatever whoever =P
over-ed already lah
don't think anymore and it won't change anything right?

algebra test coming soon on Saturday
and the last paper english test on Monday

after the algebra test
I WILL become lazy bug again
I know myself very well 1
don't play play =P
try ur best
promise ya~

don't talk about exam anymore

this topic really bored me to death
lets talk about last Sunday 0614

the gathering day with my best friends

what to say??

of coz is enjoy-ed,happy-ed and excited lah=P

I'm the camera girl for the whole day
I keep on capture capture
justin beh tahan and asked me''tour meh'' xD

lazy to write already
post some of those photos
im still waiting justin to send me others
justin yps ar
do u know im waiting for u
sound like so....XD
leher panjang already ><
*when only u will on9 without busy mode?= =*
i just randomly upload without arrange the sequence=)

curi curi capture 1..(ngek ngek)

is me..=D

me and chris^^

justin and chris


my jackie and louise=P


in the toilet..=P

i miss 4 of u again

jackie went to ns already..take k..see u after 3 months=(
chris u must have enough rest and plz keep fit lah= =
louise,u r trying to become big girl *clap hands*
justin*sweet sweet with ur......(u know,we know lah)


life's goes on
many challenges still waiting for you

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