Monday, June 22, 2009

potato man*

my dear Mr.potato
Tomorrow is ur birthday
see how good I am
sent a msg to u just now and u said i'm the 1st one to wish u
i wrote this post purposely for u-nick hong
touched your heart or not?=D
don't cry ya=)

when the clock strikes 12.00a.m
no more 19 years old for u
old already
20 years old lah
kai wan xiao ar=p
don't play play anymore

do u still remember we know each other for how long already?
is approximately 2 years and 3 months =)
even though many things had happened between us
and we both had changed a lot
u're getting old and old
i'm become mature but still pretty..LOL==

no matter how things keep changing
i just hope
we're still friend

hey man
do u remember what u said on last friday?
u said u will come k.l after couple weeks
and u said u WILL come find me
i just wait and see
see whether is it a empty promise again?= =
if u tipu aku again gigi jatuh u tau..LOL

whatever lah
even though i still have a lot of things want to write
but i know i should stop at here
wish u happy birthday
sty happy,healthy and sweet sweet with ur girl


take k always

miss ya



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