Tuesday, October 27, 2009





Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It feels like the end

What a sleepless night!
It's 3.00am right now and yet I haven't sleep...I can't sleep
What can I do to fall asleep like a death pig?
sleeping pill?
It might work but too bad I don't have it
I need it so badly..SERIOUSLY

I thought I had everything
but now ??
nothing seems to be the way that we used to
everything seems so shallow
all the pain ..the tears I cried
there's nothing much I could say
when you said it's gonna be

I don't wish it will come to the end
but why?
but now?

ps: 0103..That moment is perfect..It makes me wanna cry and ya...I'm crying

Sunday, October 18, 2009


It happened again and again
you have no idea that how much i felt depression of it
every time i tried my hard to figure out the cause
i didn't think it was my fault
this time I will neither explain nor apologize
i don't think that we'll fine again like before
i will let you be what you wanted to be
are you satisfied with the present situation?

what can i do?
make it stop
forget the past
and keep move on with my life

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sigh deeply*
The new semester has a lot of unexpected challenges
All those subjects are getting harder

Film and Art Appreciation
It's awfully boringgggg!!
and i couldn't even understand a word of this subject
killing me=(

Computer studies
Mr.Allan Hoo!
This ain't his problem
Just i couldn't get it right

Writing for Academic Purposes
Individual assignment!!
1500 words for the essay!!
*white flag*

It's seriously bringing me down
I don't have a flair for these subjects

Which means I really need to put more efforts on it

listen up

Life's a maze that's why I'm so lost now

It's so random with my camwhore pictures=))

Tissue paper =P

say hi to my bear bear hong=]

the smallest bear bear

souvenir from Justin ..

which one look nicer?

Save me from laziness please

The past is Gone *part 1

My mind flashed back to my past

The immature look
The moments
The memories
The happiness
The past
The ugliness

my everything~
here it goes


immature look

omg..lala mui..

look at my hairstyle = =


He's my primary schoolmate
my best male friend =(
where are you now?

this picture!!
LMAO = =

14th november 2007

do you still remember?

Girl's outings

6th June 2007


I remembered every moments


we had some fun in the Neway's toilet
thanks for the memories..my dears


my girls...


To be continue=]

Thursday, September 24, 2009


It‘s 5.04am now
and I just get up from bed
feel so much better right now
unlike the day before yesterday
suffered from headache continuously for 2 days
so so exhausted!

I'm not in the good mood again
Don't ask me why
I guess I know the causes

Trying to convince myself
''don't think it then everything will be okay''
but it doesn't seem to be okay although i didn't think it

''think to the positive side''
What is the difference between positive and negative?

A big sigh !
cheer me up please!

8am class later
got go now
I wish I'll have a nice day=]


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

0917 W

It's my everything

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