Thursday, June 18, 2009


*deep breathing*

waved my hand to moral and economic test for
temporary only !!
see u again after few weeks at final exam = =
so stress when i heard this word-FINAL EXAM
this two words are so simply powerful for me
and i guess i didn't did well for this exam
well well well
whatever whoever =P
over-ed already lah
don't think anymore and it won't change anything right?

algebra test coming soon on Saturday
and the last paper english test on Monday

after the algebra test
I WILL become lazy bug again
I know myself very well 1
don't play play =P
try ur best
promise ya~

don't talk about exam anymore

this topic really bored me to death
lets talk about last Sunday 0614

the gathering day with my best friends

what to say??

of coz is enjoy-ed,happy-ed and excited lah=P

I'm the camera girl for the whole day
I keep on capture capture
justin beh tahan and asked me''tour meh'' xD

lazy to write already
post some of those photos
im still waiting justin to send me others
justin yps ar
do u know im waiting for u
sound like so....XD
leher panjang already ><
*when only u will on9 without busy mode?= =*
i just randomly upload without arrange the sequence=)

curi curi capture 1..(ngek ngek)

is me..=D

me and chris^^

justin and chris


my jackie and louise=P


in the toilet..=P

i miss 4 of u again

jackie went to ns already..take k..see u after 3 months=(
chris u must have enough rest and plz keep fit lah= =
louise,u r trying to become big girl *clap hands*
justin*sweet sweet with ur......(u know,we know lah)


life's goes on
many challenges still waiting for you


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