Tuesday, June 9, 2009


finally the office application test overed
i wanna say thank you to fong ying with sincerely b'coz she told me the answer
*ying..i love u..thanks..muackk^^
well..the result will come out on Friday
lets anticipating 40 questions i will get how many correct=P


fooling around b4 start the boring moral class..XD

his favouritemy bestiestrying to act cool..but not cool..XD

he will going to kill me when he saw this ..
take the risk...=P

*stop misunderstand that he is my bf lah..==

7th of July is my moral presentation
should say our group
really pray hard hope god bless us
everything everyone progress with smoothly
now still thinking what should wear on that day
formal look
never try b4==
everything on that day is my first trial..=P

today my happiness came back with me
take time to realize
when the happiness stay with me
that's the real me..real mick
others than that
I don't know who is that
and i name
d it as anonymous
I've gotta do what's best for me
I just don't belong here

please remember the promise u gave to urself
don't ever break the promise
don't ever be a swindler

going to prepare for the next test
study harder ^^


June said...

haha. hey mick! =)
I think this is the first comment I give right??
I can't wait for the presentation day too!!!
I think everyone will look SMART that day! =D

micky said...

and one thing we must do is capture capture
good luck to us..=)

tur said...

hey rbit..
juz pay effort on ur studies
do tk care n be happy..
miss u oways ..:)

micky said...

tur is here=)
sure i will
im really glad to see ur comment here^^

Culinary Artist - Edly said...

jia you!!!support u ya micky

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