Tuesday, July 7, 2009


what a wonderful Tuesday~~
finally today did our presentation
i guess we all did quite well =)
why not?
at least we had tried all the best
Mr.J told me''try my best with no regret''
thanks for convince me
and i really did it..okay=)

everyone put so much efforts on this assignment + presentation
luckily our efforts were not wasted

really so glad to be a team with them
they let me knew what is the meaning of 'TEAM'
the spirit
the cooperation
thanks so much=)
lazy to write out
lets the photos show the happiness

7th July 2009..*


me and yenny^^

red shoe leh..kai wan xiao ar..^^


in black

in white:P


my life at ucsi=)

salute to my leader
*louis..u r a good leader..don't worry*

June is here^^

look at coddy!!==


kar foo and micky

sweet dream=)


June said...

I really miss this!!
Hope we can cooperate again if there's another chance!!!
Next semester...woohoo...lol

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