Monday, July 27, 2009


i had a lot of fun for this few days
kar foo's birthday party at Neway
calvin's birthday party at his house
actually this post should full of my happiness right?
but seriously i don't have that mood to write down everything

argued with a guy
a guy that i love him deeply but he didn't love me and chose to hurt me
a guy that was represent my past but not now and future

maybe he just broken with his girl friend
and needs to find someone to pass his free time and wasted my precious time

no matter what and how he betrayed me
i just let it be and still treat him as my friend
we had already 2 years never contact with each others
i thought u will become more mature or what
but u never
u still so childish as previous
u still want to say something to hurt me

i was so speechless when you told me all those nonsense things
u want me to explain?
what u want me to explain?
i never did anything to hurt u before
u are the one who betray me
but i never want u to explain ANYTHING
could u just explain it to me?

why u want to call other girls as 'dear'?
why u told ppl that u don't have gf but act u had?
why u always like to flirt with other girls?
why u want to have sex with other girls in your room?

all those things were not important anymore
why u want to say those things again and AGAIN?
this wasn't fun
and u request me to be ur part time gf?
Im not a toy okay
so sick of all this
once again
im not a toy!!
don't come and mess up my life again and again
hurt is so bad!



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