Monday, June 1, 2009



was i hurt people around me?
i know i did it right?

I'm sorry
I'm not intentionally
I'm unintentionally
This is true and truth

u know that i never want to hurt u
u always want me to be happy
but I'm the one who always let u unhappy
just because
i said something that i thought as a 'joke'
but for u is a scar

i felt so guilty
even though u said never mind
everything is okay
u don't want me to be unhappy

I'm so disappointed with my own behavior
what i can do?

Stop caring of me then u won't get hurt

  • sorry is meaningless when u hurt someone


ee said...

wu u hav hurt??!! xD
huai huai ar ...

{X}aNXuS said...

after tis 2days thinking..
i juz know wat i can do for u..
i try to make u happy..
i try to make u laugh..
i try to chase away ur moody..
i know tat's is a joke from u..
ur joke hard to be a scar to me..
it's a small matter..
it's really nvm to me..

i juz wan u to be happy then ever..
no need to say sorry to me..
coz tat is not ur faulth..
i never blame u before..
until now i oso din blame u..

i think until now i oso can giv u up..><
now is my turn to say sorry to u..
becoz of me so let u feel guilty..

i think at last..
i still can't stop caring about u..
i think i need to keep back my word jor..
bcoz i can't do it..
next time i won't say it about tat again..
except u have ur new boyfriend..
new joker for u..

hope u happy then ever..=)

Culinary Artist - Edly said...

jiayou !
support you!
dont think too much
^^ smile
take it easy

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