Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sigh deeply*
The new semester has a lot of unexpected challenges
All those subjects are getting harder

Film and Art Appreciation
It's awfully boringgggg!!
and i couldn't even understand a word of this subject
killing me=(

Computer studies
Mr.Allan Hoo!
This ain't his problem
Just i couldn't get it right

Writing for Academic Purposes
Individual assignment!!
1500 words for the essay!!
*white flag*

It's seriously bringing me down
I don't have a flair for these subjects

Which means I really need to put more efforts on it

listen up

Life's a maze that's why I'm so lost now

It's so random with my camwhore pictures=))

Tissue paper =P

say hi to my bear bear hong=]

the smallest bear bear

souvenir from Justin ..

which one look nicer?

Save me from laziness please


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