Tuesday, May 26, 2009

first post about micky

3 weeks college life at ucsi
But i already feel stress about those assignment,presentation and exam is coming soon
Oh my god i don't ever understand what the lecture teaching about
then i need to face my exam soon

sure fail 1
i don't want
i don't want be failure
i don't want waste my daddy's money
i don't want to let my parents feel disappointed

NO 1 will possible to help me right?
i knew..=(

What and Who i will be after this semester??
Corpse??with the
big eye beg??panda eye?
Some more my fren said if collagen not enough..then wrinkle appear?==
This is my 1st semester only
The following semester will how??not dare to imagine at all


I miss my girls so much so much
chris jackie louise justin
I have a lot things want to share with them
When only we can meet with each others
And please remember our promise..our trip to rendang=)
next month 16th June Jackie will going to NS for 3 months

we will nvr meet with each other for 3 months
After that 3 months
hope she can decide what she really want for her own and also her future
justin and louise just start their college life at tarc yesterday
i hope both of them will enjoy although they keep nagging tarc really too too big
even want find a toilet also far and hard

haha..well..try to get used of it..=P

remember the sunway trip..remember the happiness=)
miss u all=)


ee said...

yooooor...just u all go la :( no tell me aso ><

micky said...

u nvr ask=)

ee said...

huh >< bad yan yan ...
lik tat say la...

micky said...

hohoho...kidding only lah=)

ee said...

nt funny XD

I'm @ StAR said...

hi...u got write blogspot ah....u not using the wretch de mah???
the tarc is too big but the toilet not hard to find it wo..when u go inside can see toilet beside canteen de wo...:)

micky said...

biao jie...=)
nowadays many ppl use blogspot boh..thn i change luu.hehe..dont know oh..my fren said hard to find..still not familiar gua=)

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